In no time from your decision to go solar and signing of the agreement with us, your high electricity bill be a thing of the past. We will do everything for you, from design to installation including the formalities and the paperwork. It will take our professional team a very short time to get your very own energy supply system up and running comprised of the latest technology with 20 years product guarantee.

5 simple steps


If you are considering to go solar and not sure or have questions, please give us a call. At no charge, a Recom Sillia expert consultant will pay a visit to listen to you, answer to your questions, detail your benefits and advise you about the suitability of a solar system for your household..


Once you decide to go solar, Recom Sillia will provide you with a design that is specific to your energy needs. Depending on your location, household size and lifestyle, the system will be configured to provide the maximum benefits to your household. At this stage, you'll also know what the system will cost.


To begin work on your roof will require permission from local authorities. Recom Sillia’s administrative team will prepare all the paperwork and acquire the necessary installation permits and licenses..


Once the design is approved and the permits acquired, an appointment will be made to install the system. Recom Sillia’s highly-qualified and licensed team of installers will complete the installation in 6-8 hours..


Once the installation is complete and the system is connected to the grid, Recom Sillia will make the final inspection and conduct a trial run to ensure the proper functioning of the system.