Going solar saves money, the
environment and time


Solar modules produce electricity

During the day, the solar modules stalled on the roof will transform sunlight to electricity and supply the household’ s energy needs. Recom Sillia will install its own French-made, high efficiency, Tier 1 modules with up to 25 years warranty.

Inverter converts AC to DC

The electricity produced by the solar modules is alternate current (AC), yet the household appliances operate on direct current (DC). Inverters are needed to make the conversion. Recom Sillia will install its own brand, high quality and durable inverters.

Meter measures the electricity used and saved

The meter will measure the electricity produced by the solar panels and the amount used by the household providing the balance between the two (net metering). Recom Sillia will design the system such that the net metering result will maximally benefit the household.

Connection to the grid

The system will always be connected to the grid While the roof-top solar system provides energy independence to the household, the connection to the grid guarantees uninterrupted supply of energy 24/7. The household uses the electricity it produces and the surplus is transferred to the grid to be utilized during the night as the meter records the net balance.